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Welcome to my site. The aim of this site is to provide selected information relating to physical fitness. This site presents some of the best workout routines, which may either be performed in a gym or at home.

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All fitness workouts are totally for free and have been gathered through my ten years personal experience training in gyms and at home. Although I tried a million different types of exercises, I only selected the best - the ones which proved to have the maximum effect on improving muscle size, power and obtaining the desired physical fitness results.

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An important lesson which I learned in these ten years is that its not the quantity of repetitions or time spent exercising which make the difference, but the intensity and quality of how you train. It makes no sense to do hundred consecutive fast sit-ups - You will gain a better result with three sets of twenty repetitions each performed slowly and condensing the muscle for three seconds with every repetition. I shall explain these better in my workout routines sections.

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Apart from workout routines, I also listed important nutrition data guidelines and for the real enthusiasts I also gave details on the best supplements to be taken during exercise sessions. Remember that whether you want to shape your body, loose weight or gain weight your training sessions must be coupled with a good balanced diet. I strongly believe that it is very difficult to obtain the desired results following training alone or a diet alone - The two must compliment each other.

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I also want to stress the importance of Stretching exercises - both before and after a workout session. Whether you are performing cardio or weight exercises it is important to spend five to ten minutes stretching before initiating fitness workouts, so your muscles will warm up and avoid any injuries. It is also proven that stretching after workout routines help to expand the muscle and give an added value to your training.

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I hope that you will find the information in this site useful.

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